The 10-Minute Guide to Refreshing After a Workout

Working out is great for your body. It can boost metabolism, reduce calories, and produce feel-good endorphins. This will help you stay focused and happy. However, heading back to your 9 to 5 after a sweat-drenched fitness session can be uncomfortable, not to mention wreak havoc on your complexion.

How can you get a great workout in your lunch break while still being able to return to work feeling refreshed?

My sweaty self is more than the average gal. I have found that even a sweaty tomato-faced me can be a part of the happy lunch-hour fitness ranks if I prepare and have a good supply of beauty products. Follow these steps when you go to the locker room so that you feel like a super fit boss and can return to work looking great.

1. Pony up.

Pre-workout: Pull your hair up in a ponytail, high bun, or braid using either an old-fashioned scrunchie (my favorite), or a stretchy fabric, or spiral elastic. Keep your hair down to your neck. This will keep you cool and prevent your hair from becoming greasy or sweaty. You can let your hair down with a fabric hair tie, or scruchie after a workout without worrying about the dent caused by a rubber hair tie.

2. 2. Cleanse your face.

Although it may seem obvious, after a cardio class hardcore you might just want to go home and not wash your face. Don’t do it! It’s important to cleanse your skin after a workout to remove sweat, smell, and any blemish-causing bacteria. Wash your face right after with cold water and a gentle cleanser. You can also carry some facial wipes to make it easier to cleanse your skin on-the-go, if necessary.

I always keep a pack of Josie Maran Bear Naked Face Wipes in my gym bag to remove my face makeup pre-workout, and freshen up my sweaty cheeks after. They’re made with grapefruit oil, cucumber, aloe vera, and argan oil to cleanse, condition and refresh my skin. Note, if you have acne-prone skin, dermatologists recommend facial wipes with bacteria-busting salicylic acid, like Obagi Acne Cleansing Wipes. For oily skin, it’s best to use a wipe with glycolic or citrus acid to relieve any oiliness. A hydrating wipe that contains oils is better for dry skin.


3. Cleanse your body.

A 1-minute bird bath, which is a short shower that doesn’t wash your hair, will give you the feeling of a million dollars after a workout. The convenient full-body wipe is your best friend if you don’t have access to a shower. Full-body wipes are my favorite. I like Yuni Shower Sheets, which are individually wrapped and super-soft moist, alcohol-free wipes. And Herban Essentials Wipes with lemon essential oil. You will feel instantly refreshed after hitting the areas like your neck, chest and underarms. Don’t forget to reapply a fresh coat of deodorant after wiping down. also make use of sport body wash.


4. Change into clean clothes

It is not a good idea to wear sweaty clothes after a workout. Gyms are breeding ground for bacteria, but sweaty workout clothes can also cause irritation, pH imbalances and skin breakouts. It’s also very unpleasant. It also smells. Do your self and others a favor and get a new set of clothes.


5. 5.

Your skin can become irritated by heat and sweat, which can cause it to turn yellow. A soothing facial mist containing ingredients such as aloe, coconut, and rose water can be used post-cleansing to reduce skin redness and soothe the skin. The OY-L Hydrating facial mist takes my skin from red to hydrated and flowing with just a few spritzes.

Moisturising is essential after skin has been cleansed and soothed. Look for a lightweight product that won’t clog pores or leave behind greasy residue. The Water Cream by Tatcha is my favorite, as well as The Water Drench HyaluronicCloud Cream by Peter Thomas Roth. They both have a gel-cream texture which is perfect for hot weather. It doesn’t leave my skin feeling slicker or leave it with a sheen. However, it keeps me hydrated for six hours.


6. Refresh your locks.

Dry shampoo is not an option when it comes down to your post-workout hair. Dry shampoo absorbs sweat and gives life to dry hair. Since there’s rarely time to shower and wash my hair between workouts, I swear by Living Proof Dry Shampoo — I love the fragrance, and it refreshes my hair in seconds. We also love the Drybar Detox Clear Dry Shampoo which literally whisks aways dirt, sweat, and oil without leaving any residue behind on your scalp. Baby powder is also effective, but you should not apply too much. A few shakes of the roots and underneath are all that’s needed.

You can finish your new look by combing your hair. If your hair is looking too flat, you can use a hairbrush to give it some volume.


7. Apply minimal makeup to your face.


After a workout, don’t overdo your makeup. Apply a cream concealer to cover any redness after you have prepared your skin with the previous steps. Apply a blush and a light dusting of bronzer or powder to your cheeks and lips. Next, brush your eyebrows and apply a few drops of mascasa. Finally, finish with some tinted chapstick. Bravo! You’ve perfectly achieved the fresh and natural ‘no makeup makeup’ look.


8. Hydrate.

Drink lots of water after a hard workout to replenish all the sweat you have lost. Hydration is key to replenishing any vitamins and electrolytes lost, as well as keeping your skin from drying out. You will be more alert and ready for the rest of your day if you are properly hydrated. You can start to feel tired in the middle of the afternoon by drinking water before you drink another cup of coffee. Coconut water is a good alternative if you don’t drink a lot of water. It is hydrating, delicious, and high in potassium which can help to restore sore muscles.


I’ve found that the key to staying hydrated is as simple as having a great water bottle on hand at all times — check out our list of the prettiest water bottles to carry around all summer here.

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